Our Approach

When working with McCarthy Hofmann Agency, you’ll always receive:

  • Candid, objective advice backed by over 50 years of experience.
  • Responsive, timely service.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your business needs.
  • A targeted surety approach customized to your business. We identify which surety will best meet your needs.
  • A partner who will execute and deliver in time for a bid date or court filing, even if it requires hand delivery. Our agency delivers products morning, noon, and night via email, fax, FEDEX, or in-person.​
  • Dedication. If the phone rings, we answer it.

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Our Process for Establishing Surety Lines of Credit for Commercial Contractors

When you contact our team at McCarthy Hofmann Agency, we streamline the process of securing your surety line of credit.

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Complete the required contractor questionnaire.

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We will conduct an initial assessment by compiling and reviewing the required underwriting information for the Surety company.

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Meet with us to review relevant business and financial information and answer any questions you have and we have.

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We author a letter summarizing and advocating for your business. The appropriate Surety company is selected for your business and we deliver the information and letter to the Surety company in person.

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The Surety company will perform an analysis and will return any questions or requests for more information back to us.

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McCarthy Hofmann Agency, the client, and the Surety company all meet in person to finalize and secure the Surety line of credit.